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How to see and what data you can find out?

Even on Instagram, It is impossible to work effectively without analyzing the result. We figured out how to track statistics on Instagram. What indicators you can find out, how to track account growth. how to compare multiple accounts and get detailed information about competitors’ pages.

How our Instagram statistics can be useful?

We can find out about the Instagram account: the number of subscribers, the number of likes. The number of comments, thе number of video views, profile reach, profile views, story views. Get all this information at Instagram live follower count

Based on these numbers, calculate other indicators: account growth rate, average number of likes and comments. ER (engagement rate). For these indicators, you can compare different accounts. This is useful when you buy ads from a blogger. Or want to evaluate what type of content users like more: such posts will have higher ER that is, more likes and comments. This knowledge is very useful for developing a content strategy: you will make materials that are similar to those that your subscribers already liked. And they are more likely to gain a lot of likes.

Tracking statistics allows you to evaluate the correctness of your actions. For example, you sell bags. Previously, you published photos of bags in the showroom. Pictures were taken by a professional photographer. They exposed the light and processed frames for a long time. But you doubt that people are interested in looking at photographs of bags on a white background. And you decide to post more frames where the girls walk with your bag along the street, sit in a cafe – that is, show how your product looks in real life. You think this idea is good, but the photographer does not agree. Analysis of statistics will solve the dispute: during the week you publish photos of girls with bags. And evaluate the results of this week and the previous.

Analysis on Instagram will help evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Or the work of a new specialist, if you delegate the setting of advertising and work with bloggers.

How to view Instagram stats

There are two convenient ways to see account statistics:

  1. Statistics from Instagram (your accounts);
  2. Using the service of analysis of pages on social networks (one’s and another’s accounts).

Statistics from Instagram (your accounts);

You can see Instagram account statistics inside the social network itself. The function is available for users even who have connected a business account. Everyone can do it.

To connect a business account (and the ability to view page statistics on Instagram), go to Options. In the menu, find the “Account” section, the item “Switch to company profile”. Follow the instructions of Facebook: create a business page on a social network (you can leave it blank) and fill in the contact details.

Account statistics will be available for publications made after connecting a business account. If you turn off the business account and then turn it back on, all data will be lost.

How to lead Instagram

Instagram is not just your page on a social network. Of course, no one will prohibit sharing news with friends. We are talking about maintaining a blog on Instagram for a person or business. That will be interesting not only to your loved ones, but also to strangers.

If your idea is interesting and relatively new, it will be easier to advance. But if this is not found – do not give up. Doing Instagram is constantly experimenting. And finding a balance in content and interaction with the audience.

How to be a business? You need a concept too. Remember the nature of the brand, decide on tone of voice. Create value for subscribers: talk about topics related to your product. Please note that SMM from 2010, when beauty salons could post “10 ideas of hairstyles” and get thousands of likes – in the past. People will not subscribe to what they can google. Create authoring content: create a brand character or choose your own style of storytelling. and a list of topics that you can cover.

What data does Instagram statistics show?

You can see the statistics of each post in the “Statistics” section. The “View statistiсs” button is located between the photo and the text. Only the account owner sees it.

Please note: in the promoted publications Instagram summarizes the coverage. The amount of comments and likes, collected both organically and with the help of paid promotion. In statistics, you will see two sections: “Promotion” and “Organic”.

For detailed analysis, use thе Instagram insights tool. To go to this section, click on the statistics icon in the upper right corner of the profile.

Connecting Instagram statistics for your page

Instagram shows the following metrics:

  • Impressions: Thе number of non-unique views of all your posts in the total for the week.
  • Reach: The number of unique profile views.
  • Prоfile Views: The number of non-unique profile views.
  • Clicks on the link to the site: clicks on the link specified in the profile.
  • Clicks on “Send Email”: transitions through the “Contact” button.

The “Publications” section contains data on all publications made from connecting a business account. Posts can be sorted by format (photo, video, and gallery). time period (from week, month, year, two years) and indicators:

  • Impressions – non-unique post views;
  • Reach – unique post views, 1 account gives 1 view;
  • Engagement – the total number of actions with the post (likes and comments);
  • Liked – the number of likes;
  • Comments – the number of comments;
  • Saves – the number of times your post has been saved.

These data make it possible to understand which publications turned out to be the most discussed, popular, and kept during the reporting period.

Instagram Story Statistics


Although the stories are deleted after 24 hours, in the statistics the data is stored for 14 days.

You can sort stories by impressions, reach, “forward” and “back” touches, exits from stories and answers to them.

Live broadcasts

You can evaluate broadcasts by two indicators:

  • Viewers at a particular point in time. The host and all viewers see the audience counter in the upper right corner of the broadcast. It shows how many people are watching the broadcast right now.
  • Spectators: this data becomes available after the broadcast is completed, only the author sees it. Shows how many accounts came into your stream.

Subscribers Activity and Demographics

The next block of Instagram statistics is data on the field, age and geography of users. As well as activity of subscribers during the week and time of day.

Instagram follower demographics

Information about subscribers is visible only for accounts where the number of followers is more than 100.

Activity data shows when your audience opens Instagram. At this time, it is best to post: more people will see them. Instagram feed generation algorithms take into account how involved the publication was in the first minutes after publication. If your post is noticed immediately and likes it, it will get more coverage.

The data that Instagram gives is not enough for generating reports. For example, you cannot see the growth dynamics of your account. And to make a detailed report. You have to manually transfer the numbers to the table.

You can only view statistics from your account, so internal Instagram statistics will not allow you to analyze competitors. For a detailed analysis of statistics, uploading a report and obtaining competitor data, use InstaLiveCount.

What InstaLiveCount can do to analyze statistics on Instagram?

  • The service analyzes any account. You can upload your company or competitor’s account.
  • InstaLiveCount determines the most successful posts for the specified period: by the number of likes, comments, ER.

You can find the most talked about publications: under them will be the most comments. It often turns out that these are posts with contests. Hint: using this tool, you can spy on competitors with competition mechanics. Also the ways to increase engagement in your account. And also find interesting topics for content that is likely to resonate with your audience.

What statistics about Instagram account does InstaLiveCount collect?

  • Activity by day of the week, time of day.
  • Relative activity in terms of text volume and days of the week or time of day.
  • Activity depending on the type of content: shows which format attracts users, photos or videos more.
  • Creates graphs of likes, comments, subscribers, ER.
  • The number of publications of content of different types.
  • ER depending on the type of content and the length of the text in the posts.
  • Text abstracting: the service finds posts that are most often used in the account, as well as ER posts containing a specific word.
  • Data can be analyzed directly on the service page or uploaded to Excel, PDF or PPTX.
  • You can also unload all posts for the period in question.

How to use InstaLiveCount to analyze Instagram account

Log in to the service through Instagram. Type in the name or address of your account in the search bar. Click “Find.” Determine the time period whose profile statistics you are interested in.

Analysis of an account on Instagram with InstaLiveCount

Insert a screenshot here.

To compare two accounts, after selecting the first one, click “+” and add the desired page.

Insert a screenshot here.

Instagram account statistics in graphs and metrics

Let’s take a closer look at how the graphs look and what this data means. To see graphs about your account, select the necessary data in the left column “Statistics”.

Insert a screenshot here.

Graph “Words”

Insert a screenshot here.

Shows the number of posts containing a specific word in the text.

Word analysis on Instagram account

Insert a screenshot here.

Chart “Time of day”

Insert a screenshot here.

Reflects the success of a publication made at a specific time in relation to posts made for the entire period under review, as a percentage.

Instagram Profile Activity by Clock

Insert a screenshot here.

Likes chart

Shows the number of likes received by the account on certain days of the period in question.

Instagram Like Statistics

  • Er and content type
  • Er metrics and the type of content on Instagram
  • Hashtags, Er and Activity
  • Hashtags – Er and Activity – Instagram Charts

As well as useful metrics for advanced analysis of Instagram accounts.

What affects Instagram stats?

 The effectiveness of work on Instagram depends on many things: the quality of the content, the themes of your account, and content management.

Quality content

Instagram is a visual social network. Post good, interesting shots with the product. Non-unique images here do not interest the audience; spend resources on creating your own content: photos, videos, gifs, infographics or illustrations.

Work with the audience

Instagram live follower count algorithms seriously affect the effectiveness of promotion on this social network. Therefore, work with criteria that affect the issuance algorithms. One of them is involvement. Ask the audience questions, encourage discussion of materials. Conduct contests more often and experiment with mechanics. the last comment, a friend’s tag, an account’s tag in user stories have different effects.

Job analysis

An effective analysis of the work is carried out regularly, and not when problems occur.

Constantly analyze indicators on Instagram. And you will adjust the content strategy in time. Based on statistics. You can not only understand what topics are of interest to your audience, but also what time is better to post materials, what format is preferable, how long should be the signature.

Conclusions: how to analyze statistics on Instagram

  • Two of the most convenient ways to analyze account statistics are internal statistics and our InstaLiveCount tool.
  • Instagram internal statistics are only available for business profiles. Anyone can turn it on, the setup will take a couple of minutes.
  • The statistics of the Instagram account allows you to find out views. reach, likes. As well as comments, saves, profile views, views and rewind stories. And also the number of viewers of the broadcast. But it is available only to the account owner.
  • InstaLiveCount can analyze competitor accounts and compare multiple accounts.
  • Analysis of statistics allows you to improve the content. And not only to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, but also to find the chips of competitors.

Instagram Live Follower Count

Instagram is a popular social media app, with most of the influencers and celebrities posting daily photos and videos. There are millions of active users on Instagram. So, it is entirely possible that the number of followers and likes on these accounts will be huge as well. Instagram stats are important to measure the popularity and level of interaction with fans. Therefore, we have made an Instagram follower count, it will help you to get latest stats about your favorite personality and your account as well.

You can check Piper Rockelle Instagram to know more about her followers count and likes. Live count is really a helpful tool in getting information about Instagram statistics. You can also check BTS Instagram followers and like by using our free and online Instagram follower count tool.

How you can use Instagram Live Count and what information you will get?

Instagram is most popular and widely used social media app with millions of active users from all regions of the world. It is also used as a platform to promote products and social media marketing. It is almost impossible to have effective data analysis from Instagram. But, with the help of our live sub count and live view count you can check the exact number of users who subscribed to you or have watched your content. With this Instagram follower tracker you can easily perform Instagram statistics. It will help you to get real time sub data and live counts with just one click. Our team has discovered how to track statistics on Instagram, and we have made it easy for you to use. You can check out all the indicators regarding your account’s popularity, interaction, and followers count. You will also be able to track the growth of your channel and you will be able to compare it with your competitors. By this, you can get an idea about what is your standing in the competition, how ahead you are, or what you need to do to catch up.

How Instagram live count and Instagram statistics can be helpful for you?

We can help you to find out about the Instagram account details, like how many subs and how many likes it has received. You can also get the data about the number of comments, the number of shares, the reach of the user’s profile, and the number of views on the videos, and stories. Instagram live count is available for you to get this information with a simple click. You can easily get access to insta live count from our website. Follow insta can be helpful to measure the engagement rate of a particular channel. We have made it easy for everyone to access this information with the help of Instagram live follower count.

Indicators that you can use

You can use these indicators to calculate other parameters, like average growth rate of a particular account, and the average number of comments and likes on the posts. An increase in the number of Instagram followers means increased views on the posts by the user. So you can use Instagram counter to check the increase in number of followers in real time. These parameters are also called as engagement rate or ER. For a better idea, you can compare different accounts. It can be helpful when you buy ads from a blogger. This data will help you to evaluate what type of content the users like, for example you can tell it by observing the ER, which includes the number of comments and likes. It is essential to know about these parameters, as they will help you to develop a strategy. Instagram countdown is available for you to increase popularity of your profile by using Instagram followers stats. The stats is important aspect of your social media strategy as it will help you to boost the viewership and Instagram followers count.

Benefits of tracking statistics for Instagram

Tracking statistics lets you determine the precision of your posts and content. Suppose, you sell the watches and want to increase your sales through Instagram marketing. You’ve seen pictures of watches in the showroom before. One specialist photographer took photos of your watches. He exposed the watches to light, and processed photos to make them look better. But you doubt people would be involved in watching images of watches on a plain white background. And you plan to post more frames where the girls walk along the street with their watches on wrists, sit down in a cafe – that is to help potential customers to decide, and show how your product looks in real life. You think it is a good idea, but the photographer is not in agreement. Statistical analysis will help you to settle the dispute: you publish photographs of girls with watches on the first week, and on the second week you post the photographs that professional photographer suggested. You can evaluate which strategy is better by using instastatistics. It is where Instagram followers counter comes to help you in real life scenarios. Check Instagram followers, the number of views, likes, and shares to determine which strategy works best for your products.

Live Instagram followers count will help you to perform analysis about Instagram engagement and by using this you can easily evaluate the efficiency of an advertising campaign that you have started to promote your products. Or you can also check the work of a new specialist, if you delegate the setting of advertising and work with bloggers.

How you can access Instagram stats

You can check Instagram profile stats, like number of comments, likes, share, followers, and engagement rate by going into Instagram’s own statistics window, or you can use third party services, which mostly provide detailed information and stats as compared to Instagram’s native statistics.

Checking statistics from Instagram account

It is an easy way to get Instagram statistics, but it is not recommended because it does not allow various other useful options that you can access from our website. You can check the Instagram account statistics inside the Instagram app. In order to access the Instagram statistics, connect a business account, by doing this you will be able to check the statistics page on Instagram. Then you need to go to options, there you can find the account section in the menu, after that all you need to do is click on “switch to company profile”. You can proceed by following the instructions provided by Facebook, like creating a business page for your business, and provide the contact details. You can access complete details about account statistics once you have published enough content on your profile. However, you need to be careful because if you switch off business account and come back to it then all of your previous data will be lost.

How to be increase engagement on your Instagram profile

Instagram isn’t simply your social network profile, it is more than that. Of course, no-one would preclude friends from exchanging news. We talk about keeping an individual or business blog on Instagram. This will concern not only your loved ones, but strangers as well. If your idea is unique and relatively fresh it is going to be easier to move forward. But once that’s found – don’t give up. It is always experimenting with doing Instagram. And striking a balance of content and viewer engagement. Live Instagram follower count can help you to get real time statistics about your followers and engagement. You can check Instagram follower for your business page or personal page. Instagram followers count is simple, easy, and efficient measure of your profile’s popularity on Instagram. If you have a questions like: how many followers on Instagram do I have? Then you are at the right place, we are here to help you with this. We provide real time Instagram live statistics. Insta follower are available for you to check 24/7.

How to be an entrepreneur on Instagram? Also you need a solid, fresh, and saleable idea. Remember the brand’s essence, and decide how you want to proceed. Settle on voice tone, or how you want to convey your message to potential buyers. Setting value for subscribers: explore topics related to your product. Please consider how people in 2010 used to make posts like “10 hairstyle ideas” and get thousands of likes. People are not going to subscribe to anything they will scroll about. Develop authoring content: develop a trademark or choose your own storytelling style. And a list of topics you may want to discuss with your audience.

What information you can obtain from Instagram inbuilt Statistics?

The inbuilt statistics are able to show the stats for each post. You can access the statistics by clicking on View Statistics buttons that is placed between the text and the photo. However, you will be able to see it if you are the account owner.

It is important to note that the promoted posts on Instagram live follower count have different summary for them. For example, the number of likes, shares, comments, and views will be divided between what came from organic sources and the promotional campaign. You can use the Instagram Insights tool for comprehensive research. Click on the Statistics icon at the upper right corner of the profile to go to this section for detailed analysis.

Interpreting Instagram statistical data for your page

Instagram shows various metrics that can help you to manage your content and develop strategies to be successful in social media marketing. You will be able to view the following metrics:

  1. Total Impressions for your post: It shows the number of non-unique views of all your posts in the total for the week.
  2. Reach of your posts: It shows the number of unique profile views.
  3. Number of non-unique Profile Views
  4. Number of clicks on the link provided on your page: clicks on the link provided in the profile.
  5. Total number of clicks on “Send Email”: It shows the transitions through the “Contact” button.

You can check all the statistics for your posts, by going in to the “publications” section. It will show you the data on all the publications that you made from connecting a business account. You can also sort the posts for a better understanding, like you can view stats by format including photo, video, and gallery. And you can also sort it by time period (from week, month, year, two years) and indicators, like impressions (non-unique post views), reach (unique post views) where 1 account gives 1 view, engagement (the total number of actions with the post including likes and comments), liked (the number of likes that you received on a particular post), comments (the number of comments on a particular post), and saves which shows the number of times your post has been saved by the users.

These data allow the understanding of which publications have turned out to be the most discussed, influential and sustained throughout the broadcasting period.

How to check Instagram Story Statistics

Instagram Stories Statistics

Even if the stories are completely removed after 24 hours, but you can see the data in the statistics for 14 days.

There is also an option for you to sort stories by impressions, reach, as well as forward, and back clicks, exits from stories and replies to them.

Instagram Live broadcasts statistics

You are also able to check the live broadcast statistics on your Instagram page. It includes two parameters:

  1. Viewer at a given point in time. The host and all viewers can see the public counter in the broadcast’s upper right corner. It reveals exactly how many people watch the broadcast now.
  2. Number of spectators: you can view this data when you have ended the broadcast, however only the author has access to see it. It shows how many users watched your stream.

Statistics about activities of your subscribers and Demographics

Users can also view the statistical data about the demographics. It shows the age of viewers. You can also visualize the activity of subscribers during the week and compare it to the working days.

Demographical data of your followers on Instagram

This data is available for those accounts who have number of followers greater than 100. It helps you to determine when your followers open their Instagram app. Then you can target that time to post so that you can reach your followers and increase engagement. Instagram algorithms determine the engagement of your content in the first few minutes. If your post is well received by your followers then it gets more exposure.

The data provided by Instagram isn’t sufficient to generate reports. For example you can’t see your account’s growth dynamics. And for producing a comprehensive report. You need to pass the numbers to the table manually.

You can only access statistics from your account, so you won’t be able to compare rivals using the internal Instagram statistics. You can use real time instagram follower count for comprehensive statistical analysis, uploading a report and obtaining competitor info.

Why you should use real time Instagram follower count to get statistical data?

Our tool can analyze any account on Instagram for their likes, followers, and engagement. You can get data about your account as well as about your competitors account.

Instagram realtime count checks the most successful posts for the stated period: by the comments, likes, and shares, or in other words engagement rate.

You will be able to search the most talked about publications, and these will be ones with most number of comments. Usually these posts are aimed at a contest. Tip: you can also use this technique and use our insta realtime tool to check the competitors with competition mechanics. Also the ways to increase engagement in your account. Additionally, you can find exciting topics for content that are likely to reverberate with your followers.

Which statistical parameters you can visualize on real time Instagram follower count?

You can get data about these parameters:

  1. The activity of the user on weekend, and any time of day.
  2. Visualize the relative activity in context of text volume, weekends, and/or time of day.
  3. Stats about the activity relying on the type of content: for examples it shows which type of content attracts users, whether photos or videos or something else.
  4. You can get the graphs of engagement parameters, including likes, comments, and subscribers
  5. Number of posts that were of different category
  6. Effect of content type and text in the post on ER
  7. Text abstracting: this tool help you to finds posts that are usually used in the account, as well as ER posts containing a specific word.
  8. You can analyze the data directly on the service page or uploaded to Excel, PDF or PPTX.
  9. There is also an option to unload all posts for the period in question.

How you can use our service to analyze your or any other Instagram account with Instagram live follower count

Log in to the service via Instagram. Type your account name or address into the search bar. Click “Search.” Decide the time period during which you are interested in the profile statistics.

Analysis of an Instagram account via our services

After choosing the first one, click “+” to compare two accounts, and add the desired tab.

Visualize the statistical data by metrics and graphs

Let’s look more closely at how the graphs appear, and what the data means. To view graphs of your account, select the appropriate data in the “Statistics” column on the left.

What does Graph “words” means?

By using this graph you will be able to see the number of posts containing a specific word in the text. You can perform word analysis on Instagram account with its help.

What does chart “time of day” means?

You will be able to check the success of a publication that was made at a specific time in context to posts made for the entire period under review. It will be shown as a percentage. It will let you visualize the Instagram profile activity by clock.

The use of “Likes Chart” on Instagram live follower count

You can also check the number of likes per post, and how the number of likes vary from one post to other. It will show you the number of likes in certain days of the period. You can check what type of content your followers like the most. You can also analyze what type of content is mostly liked on Instagram. Hashtags also play important role in exposure of your post. So, you can also compared it with likes and determine which hashtag works best.

What activities influence your Instagram stats?

Instagram business productivity depends on many things: content consistency, account niche, and content management.

You need to have quality content

Instagram live follower count is a social network in the visual sense. Post the product to fine, interesting shots. The audience is not interested in unique images here; spend resources on creating your own content: pictures, videos, gifs, infographics or illustrations.

Engage your audience

Instagram live follower count algorithms greatly impact advertising efficacy on this social network. So, work with requirements that influence the algorithms for promotion. One is participation. Ask questions from the audience and facilitate review of content. Hold more regular competitions, and play with mechanics. Last message, a friend’s tag in the user stories, and account tags has different results on your account.

Continuously carrying out job analysis

An efficient job analysis is done on a regular basis, and not when problems arise.

Analyze metrics continuously on Instagram. And in time, you’ll change the strategy for content. Statistical dependent. Not only can you understand what subjects are of interest to your audience, but also which time is best to post materials, which format is preferred, how long the signature should be Instagram live follower count.


You can analyze statistics in two ways, from Instagram and from our Instagram Analytics, both will you Instagram insights and Instagram live follower count. But you have more control over data analysis with our service. You can also compare your account with others, which is important to stay ahead of competition.

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