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TOP 5 mobile apps for Instagram account analytics

Fast and accurate analytics of your Instagram account.

Many users today are wondering how to promote their Instagram account and do it better than others who have watched my Instagram account. The key to success is quality content, as well as competent analytics and continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of the steps taken.

But using web versions of popular services is not always possible and convenient. An alternative will be – special mobile applications for instagram analytics. With their help, we can receive a large amount of useful information and data that will always be “at hand” in your smartphone. Just a couple of clicks – and you can already see who has unsubscribed from your account on Instagram, the best time to publish, the dynamics of the number of subscribers and much more. Convenient, isn’t it?

We tested for you the “helpers” presented on Google Play and compiled our TOP-5 applications for receiving Instagram statistics.

1.Instagram statistics

one of the best applications on Google Play, which provides ample opportunities for checking and monitoring your Instagram account. Do you need the most complete information about subscribers? You are unlikely to find it better. The application is practically not inferior to existing web services and has a free trial period.

What do you get?

Information about the number of subscribed and unsubscribed users.

Analyze how efficiently you work with your profile. Track the dynamics and its dependence on the published content, which brings you an increase in the number of subscriptions, and what their decrease and unsubscribe.

The ability to see everyone who has unsubscribed from you and also to unsubscribe from them directly through the application.

A very convenient feature, thanks to which you can easily unsubscribe from non-reciprocal subscribers. This feature is clearly not enough for web services, but today it is wonderfully implemented in this application.


Average age of subscribers

It is important to know your subscribers and build a content plan based on their interests and age. After analyzing and getting the necessary information, you can adjust your plans and become closer to your target audience.

Percentage of bots on the instagram account.

Want to know the number of bots? There is nothing easier. Get not only the percentage of such accounts, but also the ability to immediately unsubscribe from them. This is just a godsend for any Instagram user who promotes.

The best time to post.

Information about the day, and about the specific time of maximum user engagement will help collect likes.

These and other metrics are available in the full version of the “Pro” application after completing a paid subscription, but it’s worth it. And recall that a free trial is available, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the application in person.

2. InFigures.

Guests and Unsubscribers for Instagram. The second application in our rating reveals the account from a slightly different perspective. This is a powerful tool for getting detailed information about the involvement of specific users. Among the most “delicious” should be highlighted:

  • The ability to see who went to your page, the so-called Instagram stalkers, and directly through the application to subscribe or unsubscribe from them.
  • Alert about unsubscribed and blocked users.
  • Respond instantly to subscriber changes. Having received a notification about an unsubscribing user, you can log into the application and also unsubscribe from it.
  • Notifications of new visitors.
  • Receive real-time notifications about users who have visited your page.
  • Detailed engagement data.
  • See which user most often leaves likes and comments under your posts, and who is not active.
  • All functions are available in the full version of the application, the price of which starts at $ 0.99 per week and decreases if you choose a rate for a month or a year.

3. Statistics of instagram account

 my subscriptions and subscribers. The application partially includes the functions of the two previous ones. It can be chosen as a replacement or alternative, but, we make a reservation right away, the functionality here is still not the same as that of its predecessors. From the interesting we single out the following:

Checking the reach of users.

What percentage of users regularly sees the content you publish in your feed, and who almost never notice it? You get not only a percentage, but also a list of such accounts.

Determining the best time for posting.

The application will show you statistics on the best time for post publication. The best day of activity and specific hours, as well as the time of the most involvement and the period during which publications gain the maximum number of interactions.

Analysis of the interests of the audience of your instagram account.

How well do you know your audience? Analyze the most popular and frequently used hashtags of your audience, which ultimately helps to create and publish more interesting content.

4. PostMize

Who stalks my profile for Instagram. The application provides a basic set of account data. And has a more modest functionality compared to our first three. Among the highlights are:

Audience activity.

Detailed information about the activity of the audience for each day of the week.

Most popular posts.

Check out the top rated posts on your account. Based on these statistics, you can determine the type of content that allows you to get the maximum feedback to your audience.

Time to publish content.

In PostMize, as in other applications of our rating, the function of viewing the best time for publications is implemented.

5. Visitors to your instagram account

 Who viewed my Instagram Profile. The application is primarily aimed at obtaining information about the guests of your page. We did not notice any “chips” except standard functions:

Subscriptions and unsubscriptions right in the application.

The same functionality as the leaders of our rating. Without leaving the application. You will find out who has signed up for Instagram, and also unsubscribed from your account.

View users who visited your instagram account or blocked it.

A list of those who have unsubscribed from you with the ability to unsubscribe from them through the application.

You can easily track who has unsubscribed from your Instagram profile and do the same without leaving Visitors.

We did not have problems during the application test. But the rating on Google Play and the lack of updates over the past two months have caused us to send Visitors to the last, fifth place.


Among the mobile applications there really is plenty to choose from. Some provide a basic set of functions, others – advanced features for the full analytics of Instagram accounts. But in any case, everyone will find a suitable option for themselves.

How to increase Instagram views: useful recommendations – 2020

Have you noticed that insta in 2020 began to show publications in the news feed in a chaotic manner? This principle of setting priorities for posts complicates the lives of instagrammers who promote brands on the web. Want to learn how to increase Instagram views, likes and reach a large audience? Then listen carefully and remember, we will not repeat.

The fact remains, but it is difficult to call the new ranking scheme for publications by priority adequate. Therefore, users are often lost and do not know what to do to increase the number of views on Instagram.

So, the innovation feature is that now it does not matter how many people are subscribed to the profile. Regular work aimed at increasing the audience comes first. All possible methods are used for this, allowed and “gray”. It comes to the point that bloggers create special chats where they post content and comment on each other. There are also many paid services that help you get views on Instagram.

What publications do Instagram searches show first

  • Publications of users with whom you constantly communicate or are listed as friends on the FB.
  • Publications of users who you regularly read, like and comment.
  • The materials of users who were searched through the search insty.
  • Publications of real users, not business accounts, firms, etc.
  • Materials that are promoted using a targeted advertising campaign.

How to increase Instagram views: allowed options

  1. Do not use common hashtags. Please note that since last year in posts with popular tags (for example, # life, # love) cover a small audience. The system automatically reduces the rating of publications in the feed, and does not increase, as before.
  • Block inactive users. Yes, the profile will have fewer followers, but such a step will help to increase reach and views on Instagram. Get rid of spam, advertising accounts with massages, photo services and eyelash extensions once and for all. Why clutter up your own profile? Let people be signed less, but the acc will become more active. Due to this, the profile will grow in search and become a priority for insta.
  • Use interactive to engage followers in communication. This is another way to help increase Instagram likes in 2019. Do not know. how and with what to attract such a picky public? Then take note of our recommendations:
  • Run thematic polls.
  • Unobtrusively ask fans to comment on the situation and express their own opinion.
instagram views

Get active on the page and engage subscribers in correspondence.

Use targeted ads to increase Instagram views. Another plus is that such advertising will help improve the growth rate of the target audience, because the promotion materials are shown to all people who are suitable for the sample. Read how to set up targeted ads correctly here.

Organize contests and sweepstakes. Read more about organizational issues in the materials “Guide to contests on Instagram: the pros and cons of conducting” and “How to conduct a Giveaway on Instagram”.

How to increase Instagram views: mainly accepted options

  • Use the new functionality that is available online in 2020. So, relatively recently, the following functions have become available: adding GIFs in history, subscribing to tags, conducting surveys, saving publications. What are we guided by, give such advice? Everything new and unknown attracts people. They are happy to come in and study the fresh content, so that later they can independently use the fresh functions of the service. This is a good way to increase Instagram views.
  • Perhaps the most environmentally friendly way. Because you will post what the audience really likes. And the result itself will be much better. People will be more likely to like and write comments on your posts.If you have a business profile, you can go to Instagram Statistics and see what type of content subscribers perceive best. Therefore, you will understand in which direction you will need to move.
  • Publish when your subscribers are online Even if you don’t know at what time the bulk of your audience is online, post at least an approximate period of time. First, only a small percentage of subscribers can see your post. But if you guess with time when subscribers are online, then it will be shown in the TOP feed and all other followers.
  • if you publish a photo when most of the subscribers are offline, your chances of increasing the number of views are reduced. Naturally, you have a question: how can I know when subscribers are online? But here there are several ways.

First of all, analyze your Instagram statistics.

Pay attention to how involved your publications have been in the last 2-3 months. If there is a time period when you received the most views, this is the fact that your followers visit Instagram at such a time.

  • Mutual Help Group on InstagramTogether we are power, right? Some entrepreneurial people come together in self-help groups to help each other increase engagement, which also affects Instagram’s algorithm. Speaking plainly, people agree to put one like one and write comments on posts. This helps not only increase engagement, but also create an impulse of activity.
  • Shoot and publish videos. Actual video content allows you to raise your profile in the stream and increase likes on Instagram. There are many accommodation options: live broadcasts, cinemagraphs, boomerangs in stories, | How to increase views on Instagram: useful tips Afterword So let’s summarize. In the new conditions of ranking on inste we act in the following way:

We forget about the “gray” wrapping options and get rid of common tags. This scheme does not work if you want to increase views on Instagram. Note that when it comes to topic search, the tags are very relevant.

  • Post cool content to read and watch.
  • Promote publications with targeted advertising.
  • Deploy and take advantage of new network features.
  • Get rid of bots, store pages, etc.
  • Follow the news of the insta and be on the wave of progress.

TOP 9 post ideas to help increase your reach on Instagram

The instagram algorithm randomly shows your photo to some of your subscribers and if they like them, then it lifts the photo to everyone increasing reach on instagram

1. Before and after.

Whatever they say, but at least collages are unpresentable, but still they confidently go to the top. For example: take a photo without make-up, and then with make-up, place it in a collage. Show how makeup changes people, what beauty you can become in just an hour. Interact with readers, ask to participate and post your photos with a hashtag. ⠀

2. About yourself.

No matter how it sounds trite, but readers want to see those who write. A good post should not tell you how many times you chased the ball in the yard with the boys, it should reveal you. Show your expertise, give confidence to you.

3. Plans for gaining more reach on instagram.

Yummies go to business. New services coming soon? Or maybe you are going somewhere? Make a delicious spoiler, new services, future travels or new courses. Make the reader languish in anticipation, you can even bargain for the next part of the spoiler or a discount coupon.

4. The survey.

Want to increase activity? Tired of the silence in your profile?

Conduct a survey on preferences (favorite color, taste, texture) among customers or according to their desires, this will not only increase activity, but also allow you to better understand your subscribers

5. Reasons to buy / subscribe.

Why exactly you, and not your friend, an entrepreneur who does his business. Write the advantages of the product. Just let’s honestly, if your scrub does not remove cellulite in 7 days, you don’t need to soar your brain, even grandmothers are not being led into such rubbish. If a blogger, treat this with humor.

6. Bad day in life.

The ideality of Instagram has long been an object of irritation, show that you are the same person with ups and downs, be sincere, and people will reach for you

7. Inspiration.

Do you like to whine? Understand. Tell us about the inspiration pater, and ask for advice or tell about your way to raise it in any situation.

8. The secret secret.

Share your secret or life hack. There is nothing to add, just be sincere and helpful. Do something unique. Do not repeat after competitors!

9. Gamification in posts to gain reach on instagram.

Gamification is the introduction of game mechanics into real life. In other words, through the game you make boring tasks interesting. For example, instead of just calling to leave a comment, you can develop a game in a post and ask subscribers to choose the right path.

Geotags in publications

Geotagging is one of the sources of traffic, according to which other users can go to your profile. You need to use them wisely: for example, in popular places in the TOP it is difficult to break through, but it is easy to pick up a large number of bots subscribers. Keep that in mind.

Block inactive users

Create a cleaning day in your account. This is the day when you will block accounts that have from 1000 subscriptions to other accounts, there are Arabic and Turkish letters. Guys who have 1000 or more subscriptions obviously will not see your profile, but they greatly spoil the statistics.

reach on instagram

As we found out, the algorithm randomly shows your photo to some of your subscribers and if they like them, then it lifts the photo of everyone on the tape up, which gives a strong increase in likes. If the algorithm randomly selected accounts that have many subscriptions, and you have not received any reactions, then your photo or video will remain in the basement of the feed.

Use targeted advertising to gain more reach on instagram

The official raising of publications in the feed, configured through an advertising account on Facebook or in the lite version on Instagram itself (it is available only to those who have a business profile connected), will help your subscribers to see the post. This promotion tool will also have a good effect on the growth of the interested audience: they will see the promoted publication at home, even if they are not subscribed to your account.

Shoot video

The last way to advance in the feed on our list. When you publish content that is considered relevant (now it’s live broadcasts, videos, cinemagraphs and boomerangs in the story), the feed starts recommending your posts for viewing.

What prevents you from raising coverage on Instagram: bad tips

How it decreseases reach on instagram with inappropriate subscribers

If you have a lot of subscribers, ala “Girls, sign up for nails”, or something like that. Feel free to open the “My Subscribers” section and click the “Block” button next to accounts that do not show any activity on the page. After such an event, your account activity and reach on instagram will increase.

A month after the operation, I advise you to check the indicator ER (engagement rate) – the degree of involvement of your subscribers. This can be done using special services, for example, Popsters. Involvement in the life of your account will grow, and Instagram will increase your posts in the feed, considering them useful and important for the audience.

The same and popular hashtags in each post

Posts that contain too-frequent hashtags (such as #sports or #Moscow) gain low coverage. They lower the rating of the post in the feed, and do not help get likes, as it was before. Stop copying the hashtags from the notes and paste them into the post: save time and make the post more visible in the stream.

Subscribers cheat for reach on instagram

Why can not you wind up bots in profile? To your pure audience, which is the most targeted audience, you win subscribers, most often these are bots from Turkey (again, for example), then the instagram does not understand what to do and either ceases to show your account, that is, it cuts reach among the target audience, begins in the recommended to show your account to residents of Turkey, who are clearly not targeted subscribers.

That is why only the target audience is important, if an online store or a resident of another country subscribes to you, block it! Also, frequent cheating badly affects the profile itself, Instagram does not like old-fashioned services and, therefore, throws you into a shadow ban.

What to do if you still ended up in a shadow ban? Well, it will not be easy, but there is a solution.

  1. Disable all automation programs (mf, ml, auto-posting, direct mailings – disable everything);
  2. Check the hashtags and remove the “broken” ones;
  3. Throw autobots to cheat subscribers.

Participation in giveaways to reach on instagram

Now there are a lot of them, but almost no quality ones. Subscribers who have +100500 subscriptions come to people, the number in the form of subscribers warms their souls, but when they understand that their reach is ALA – ULU … they begin to think, “Was it necessary?”

How to increase Instagram reach: activities and methods to increase likes, views and follower count

There are niches in social networks that do not fit into the framework of the standard approach to content marketing. This is not just B2B.The head of the content marketing department, Alesia Skvortsova, examined how to increase the instagram likes count in Instagram business profiles: what to use activity and involvement, methods of promotion, analyzed the most common mistakes and shared life hacks.

In this article we will tell:

  • How Instagram reach works
  • How to increase instagram likes count
  • which can only hurt to increase coverage.
  • Instagram reach: what it is and how it works
  • How to increase Instagram reach

So you write texts, you try, you put your soul and time into them. Have you ever thought about how effective it is from the work done? Posts about nothing – no one needs.

Do you want your texts to notice that the asset in the comments flared up? Then here’s a couple of life hacks.

Open a dialogue with mom or dad, see how you correspond. Have you looked? So write the lyrics. No need to use a bunch of sophisticated words. Do not strain the reader, he and so at work the brain carried out. Write simply, politely and be open. Storytelling is your friend for years to come.

No need to invent something that is not really there. People are not stupid. They will understand. Write honestly, and if not everything is so smooth. Softer, be softer. But honest to your readers! You should not endow the product with mythical positive properties. The battle of psychics has already been leaked to the network, all of their frauds are open to the public. You don’t want to either? Reputation Above All!

The main purpose of selling texts is to work to increase sales. There is a goal – go to it. If after reading your own creation you wanted to buy the advertised product yourself, then you did everything right. Keep up the good work, just do not burn with ideas.

Activities and contests – we engage in content interactively. Only useful and controversial posts in the comments survive in the new ranking laws. Therefore, it is so important to engage subscribers: conduct surveys, ask to speak in the comments (only unobtrusively and when appropriate) and, if you are promoting a commercial account, do not forget about regular contests and activities on the page.

What are the types of competitions. Let’s talk about this.

  1. Mark a friend under the photo – the most popular format that allows you to attract additional coverage to the publication.
  2. Like the record – this will engage the audience and raise your post in the list of recommended ones.
  3. Giveaway – in a nutshell, this is one contest with many sponsors. You provide a prize from your account to the winner, other sponsors do the same.

Remember! Subscribers appear where there is something to subscribe to. Create something cool and unique. Do not adapt to patterns. There are many analogues on the market, so stand out and strive to be the best.

Regular posts and stories. How to engage an audience

Post regularly, do not leave the day without publication. The new principle of ranking posts is not clear to everyone. The algorithm is designed to make the tape more interesting, more useful and better. What to do in the new conditions?

  • Forget about illegal methods of cheating, massfollowing and masslashing, remove hashes: they will not help.
  • Recall the golden rule: high-quality, engaging content is shown first.
  • Use advertising, actively introduce new features, block all inactive subscribers.

What posts win in the new ranked search?

  • The posts of people you correspond with are familiar in real life or are friends on Facebook.
  • Posts by people whose content you react to by viewing, liking, saving, and commenting.
  • The posts of the people you’ve searched in the general social network search.
  • Posts of real users (they are in priority for display in comparison with commercial pages and business profiles).
  • Posts that are promoted through targeted advertising. All other posts.

Stories allow you to quickly engage your audience and publish over the news feed, so the account automatically becomes more visible and increases instagram likes count. But there is one “BUT” algorithm that takes into account how you handle content and how much time you spend on it.

If in a more understandable language, then the story of your brand will be more often displayed to those who have already watched at least a few of them, went to your profile, wrote in direct or responded to your content in the feed. And in the “queue” for such users, your stories will rise above the others.

And now some life hacks to increase instagram likes count for the story:

Guest posts. Let someone else create a story for you. It can be either a member of your team or a client. And even better – a famous person with his audience. This will greatly enhance reach and engagement.

User-generated content. Use the Instagram feature, which simplifies the life of all business accounts, allowing you to use content generated by users. When one of the users with a public account zips up your brand in your stories, you can add his / her story to your stories.

Use the new features. For example, add recently appeared GIF-animations to the story, use the tab for saving posts, conduct polls, subscribe to hashtags. The more recent type of content you use, the more attention you get with your posts: both subscribers and smart feeds. The display algorithm will notice all working record types that it considers relevant. This will bring you the desired advancement in the news feed.

instagram likes count


Hashtags are needed in order to quickly jump to a topic that interests you. In SMM, the hashtag allows you to get into the interesting, but this is only if you follow a few simple rules.

Using Hashtags to increase instagram likes count

Choose the hashtag language correctly. For if you mention the word in English, then automatically your publication gets to a user from all over the world. The hashtag can be left out of one or several words, be sure to put spaces between each hashtag, since solid lines do not look aesthetically pleasing.

Do not use spaces in one hashtag and other characters, since it is impossible to go to such a hashtag, for example, # colors. The maximum number of hashtags is 30 in one publication. It is IMPORTANT to use original hashtags with a link to your product or company. Do not create porridge from hashtags.

Try not to use spam hashtags, or overly popular links to increase instagram likes count. Such publications run the risk of being banned, or Instagram will identify you as spam. And finally, constantly update the number and name of hashtags in order to maintain its relevance.

Do not write hashtags in the post itself, do it in the first comment. In order not to spoil the aesthetics of the profile, and not to distract the reader.

6 ways to increase Instagram live views count

If you are promoting on Instagram solely for commercial purposes, the number of Instagram live views count of your publications is of great importance. Therefore, you and I will need to take a brief excursion into the Insta

By the way, this is a regular code whose task is to calculate the posts that users like most. In other words, in order for your posts to be in the TOP, you just need to “convince” the algorithm that the content in your posts is interesting for Instagram users. And it’s quite possible to do this, and you don’t even have to do Instagram cheat online.

And so, let’s figure out what needs to be done to increase the number of views of your publications!

What is the Instagram algorithm for Instagram live views count?

As I have already indicated above, this is the usual code by which the feed of this social network gives preference to those publications that are of interest to people. For example, if a person is interested in motorcycles, photos of bikes will be displayed to him more often in the tape than pictures of wildlife in Australia.

But how can this machine determine what a person likes and what doesn’t?

Everything is very simple – he analyzes the story.

If a user often likes photos of bikes, the Instagram algorithm “makes a note” that he prefers photos of sports bikes. When a person opens the application, the algorithm will bring to the beginning of the news feed that content that will be interesting to him.

Instagram live views count

By the way, for approximately 30% of users, only 30% of possible publications are displayed.

And now we will find out how to get into these coveted 30%, without cheating on Instagram.

Method to increase Instagram live views count. Publish when your subscribers are online

Even if you don’t know at what time the bulk of your audience is online, post at least an approximate period of time. First, only a small percentage of subscribers can see your post. But if you guess with time when subscribers are online, then it will be shown in the TOP feed and all other followers.

Otherwise, if you publish a photo when most of the subscribers are offline, your chances of increasing the number of views are reduced. Naturally, you have a question: how can I know when subscribers are online? But here there are several ways.

First of all, analyze your Instagram statistics. Pay attention to how involved your publications have been in the last 2-3 months. If there is a time period when you received the most views, this is the fact that your followers visit Instagram at such a time.

With B2B, the task of promoting services on Instagram can be more complicated. After all, business people usually do not allow themselves such a luxury as visiting social services. networks. Well, maybe at lunch time 🙂

Method number 2. Mutual Help Group on Instagram

Together we are power, right? Some entrepreneurial people come together in self-help groups to help each other increase engagement, which also affects Instagram’s algorithm. Speaking plainly, people agree to put one like one and write comments on posts. This helps not only increase engagement, but also create an impulse of activity.

To find such partners you need to sweat a lot. You will have to search for people on the topic you need or create such a group yourself.

Method number 3. Satisfaction of needs

Perhaps the most environmentally friendly way. Because you will post what the audience really likes. And the result itself will be much better. People will be more likely to like and write comments on your posts.

If you have a business profile, you can go to Instagram Statistics and see what type of content subscribers perceive best. Therefore, you will understand in which direction you will need to move.

Hashtags to increase Instagram live views count

Most likely, you do not need to explain what hashtags are. However, many mistakenly believe that they know how to use them correctly.

Add niche tags to your posts so that your posts can be seen not only by existing subscribers, but also by other people who can search for posts using the right hashtags.

Thus, you increase the likelihood of greater involvement in your publications.

Method number 5. “Tag friend”

Ask your followers to tag their friends in the comments. So, you will kill two birds with one stone: your subscribers will begin to leave comments (if you convincingly ask, and their friends will begin to go to your publications.

Method number 6. Catch the wave

Probably everyone knows the word “hype”? When any fresh news shocking the public comes out, people eagerly pick it up and with the help of hashtags start looking for posts, records, memes and other pieces on this topic.

Speaking of hashtags. Usually, when such news only comes out, they immediately begin to appropriate a separate hashtag. Therefore, if you are one of the first to start publishing on hype news, your news views will skyrocket. The main thing is not to offend anyone.

Friends, use the methods I described for increasing views on Instagram and move on to the TOP! Write your results in the comments

How to see Instagram live followers count

Instagram Live Follower CountMany newcomers to Instagram do not know how to see followers  on Instagram. However, instagram live followers count indicates the popularity of the profile among users of the social network. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to view the number of people following on Instagram.


  • 1 via computer
    • Official customer
    • Web version of Instagram
  • From the phone
  • How to view subscription history
    • On-board tool
    • On a PC Third-party service
    • On the phone
  • How to find out the exact number of followers
    • First method
    • Second method
  • 5 services for viewing live follower count on Instagram

How to see instagram live followers count via computer

On a PC, this can be done in two ways – using the official application, as well as in the web version of Instagram –

Official customer

Owners of the Windows operating system version 8 and higher can download the Instagram application from the Microsoft Store:

  • Log in by entering data from your account in insta. Instructions: how to register on instagram
  • Click on profile icon in the bottom menu.
  • There will be the inscription “Followers ” and the number above it, it displays the number of people subscribing to the profile.

Instagram web version

This method involves switching to the official insta site and viewing the number of followers  there:

  • Open the social media homepage.
  • Log in using your profile information.
  • Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.

See the instagram live followers count From phone

On the phone, viewing the number of followers  of your profile in insta is carried out through the official application:

  • Run the insta client on the smartphone.
  • Tap on profile icon in the lower right corner.
  • See the number of followers  to your account.

How to view subscription history

The history of subscriptions provides an opportunity to find out the dynamics of the profile’s popularity growth, to determine when recessions occurred and so on.

On-board tool for analyzing instagram live followers count

There are two ways to do this on a computer. The first is a standard tool, and the second is through a third-party service.

  • Log in to
  • Click on the heart-shaped button in the upper right corner.
  • There you can see the history of user interactions with your profile: likes, subscriptions, comments, and more.

Instagram live followers count on a PC Third-party service

On a PC, viewing subscription history, i.e. statistics, is possible through the Iconsquare online service:

  • Open the main page of the service
  • Click on the “Start …” button.
  • Register, to do this, fill in all the fields on the form.
  • After that, following the instructions of the system, connect your Instagram account.
  • After registration and authorization are completed, the service will open access to statistics, where you can see subscriptions and unsubscriptions for a certain period of time.

On the phone

To do this, the “Statistics” tool is implemented on Instagram, however, it is available for business profiles. Using it is very simple:

  • Transfer your account to a business profile.
  • In the insty app, go to the “Profile” section.
  • Tap on three lines in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Statistics.”
  • Switch to the Audience section.
  • There you can see detailed statistics of unsubscribes and subscriptions, but there is a condition – you must have at least 100 followers , otherwise the function will not work.

How to find out the exact instagram live followers count

On the computer, you can find out the exact number up to the last subscriber, for this:

First way

  • Log in to
  • Go to the profile of the person who needs to know the exact number of followers .
  • Right-click in an empty space, select “View Page Code”.
  • On the tab that opens, press the key combination “Ctrl + F” to bring up the search bar.
  • Enter the word “Followers “, press Enter, there is a line with it.
  • Opposite the word, the exact number of people subscribing to the profile will be indicated.

Second way

  • Just move the mouse cursor over the number of followers , the exact number will be displayed on the screen.
  • In the Instagram application, the exact instagram live followers count  is always displayed without a trace, for viewing you need:
  • Launch the insty app and go to the user profile. Tap on the number of followers .
  • View instagram live followers count .
  • Now you know how to follow followers on instagram. To do this, you need to use statistics in the insta itself, or special services.

5 services for viewing instagram live followers count


The site allows you to track the analytics of social networks such as YouTube, Twich, Instagram. At the same time, it analyzes only those Instagram accounts that someone once searched for. Accordingly, so that your account appears in the service database, select a social network and add the name of your business account in the search bar. After that, a link to the analytics of your profile will appear. However, the statistics themselves are not very deep. Basically, only charts for subscribers and downloaded posts are displayed.

A platform that is designed primarily for auto-posting on social media. However, the service still allows you to collect statistics. It helps to analyze indicators based on such metrics as engagement, growth of subscribers, etc.


Western integrated analytics platform that analyzes all key indicators to improve the effectiveness of social media marketing.

For Instagram provides the following features:

  • collecting statistics on the growth of followers of competitors;
  • tracking competitors’ advertising campaigns;
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the Instagram business account in comparison with other social networks.


No less powerful analytics and statistics collection tool. But, unfortunately, free statistics is only available for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Moreover, the cost of the service starts at $ 100.


Another analytics tool for social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. The main function that he performs is the recognition and analysis of photographs that may be of interest to your subscribers.

How to change Instagram invisible likes count?

For several weeks now, in some countries, Instagram users have not seen whether there are “likes” under posts and how many are there. This is an experiment that the leadership of this social network went to. But why? And how did those who seemingly aim to receive an increasing number of Instagram likes count – influencers react to this? And how will this affect their business and mental health?

About 95 million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram daily. And every day, users of this application see 4.2 billion likes.

Is this era of likes coming to an end?

In July, Instagram executives announced that they were removing “likes” for users in six countries, including Australia and New Zealand. Then Canada will join them. The number of “likes” will still be visible to the author of the post, but other users will not know if anyone really liked the particular picture. It took several weeks of the experiment. Did he change the work of Instagram? The answer depends on who you ask.

Some of the Australian influencers (from English influence, “influence” – people whose opinion matters to a certain audience, interacting with this audience through social networks and most often making money from it. – Comment of a translator) criticized this step.

Instagram had stripped users of an essential tool- Instagram likes count

Jam Wolfe from Perth, an influencer who promotes healthy lifestyles and healthy foods and has 2.7 million followers, complained on national radio that Instagram had stripped users of an essential tool. Melbourne’s young instagramwoman Michaela Testa, with tears, announced in a YouTube video that she condemns such an Instagram move.

Both critics immediately fell upon them – both users of the social network and more traditional media. They were advised to find a real job.However, for them, as for many others, Instagram is the real work. And some, such as the Australian influencer Kayla Itzines, make a lot of money from this.Refusal from counters of “likes” can make “Instagram” less like a competition in popularity

About Itines, which has about 12 million subscribers (followers), its own mobile application and program, last year it was reported that her fortune (along with her fiancé’s fortune) exceeds 46 million Australian dollars (31 million US dollars). But now the user, visiting her page, does not see a single “like”. Why did Instagram make “likes” invisible?

In order to make the situation “less tense” and respond to concerns expressed about the mental health of users of social networks, Instagram head Adam Mossery said at a conference in California earlier this year. Cyberbullying thrives on social networks, and many influencers chase “likes” until they burn out. Nevertheless, some of them fear that such a step by the company will make it difficult for them to earn a living.

It is interesting, however, that a month after the start of the experiment. Many influencers declare, at least in public, declare that they support this step and do not consider it as a threat to income.

Opt out of Instagram likes count

Social network influencers earn money by partnering with advertisers and gently advertising their products in their posts or temporarily visible “stories.”

Influencer Carmen Hater says that the main rule is this: someone with 100,000 followers can demand $ 1000 per post. But the final amount depends on the level of user engagement: the more likes, comments and shares, the more high value of influencer.

On Instagram, fitness influencers can promote their own nutrition programs. Traveler influencers can sell their photos, and fashion influencers can become partners with major brands.

Fashion brands provide influencers with samples of their products

Fitness influencer Tammy Hembrow (whose main account has 9.7 million followers) has her own mobile app and clothing line for sports. Among her partners are fashion brands, the products of which she demonstrates in her Instagram feed.

Hembrow believes that the rejection of like counters did not affect the way she conducts her business. Likes turned Instagram into a competition in popularity, she says. “But it seems to me that the most important thing for companies is how many views the post had and what the user did after that.”

instagram likes count

Now people are looking at the photos and videos that you share, and not at how many likes there are.

Opinion of Instagram likes count by Tammy Hembrow, influencer

The demographics and location of users are also important. Hembrow believes that abandoning “likes” will help users better appreciate her work.: “Now people look at the photos and videos that you share, and not how many“ likes ”are there.

Sydney’s Max Doyle, managing director of influencers marketing agency, says it’s too early to evaluate the results of the experiment. However, he predicts a decrease in the degree of engagement and interaction with users. If the “likes” are not visible to fans of one or another influencer.

“User engagement is like a digital currency for influencers,” he says. “And that means marketers working with influencers will have to be more savvy now.”

According to him, the days have passed when the influencer just needed to pose while chewing gum and saying how much he / she likes the fresh mint taste in his mouth. Now you have to be more creative – maybe photographing chewing gum inside a handbag. Where other items are needed in everyday life.

Instagram head Adam Mossery spoke at a conference in April. He is worried about cyberbullying in the application. But how can refusal from visible “likes” help? Joe Gallese, co-founder of Canada’s international influencer agency, says that for influencers, removing “likes” is “more of a shock to their ego than to their business.”

According to him, a long time ago agencies did not pay influencers based on the number of “likes”. Mainly because such a system was easy to distort. The need to invent something new every time the platform changes the rules of the game. Also adds mental stress to influencers

Opinion about Instagram likes count of Crystal Abidine, Internet Researcher

Gallese agrees with Doyle that the main task now is to push influencers to comment, to new forms of user engagement. However, he fears that it is in the comments and personal messages that most of the cyberbullying and bullying occurs.

Some followers are already resorting to various new ways to undermine the invisible likes system, said Crystal Abidine. He is senior fellow at Internet Studies at Curtin University in Western Australia.

“We see subscribers resorting to the strategy of numerous comments. For example, instead of writing“ I love you so much ”. They break the phrase into four separate comments that follow each other. Giving the impression of increased user activity in the post. The strategy is to leave as many comments as possible and thus help your beloved influencer.

According to Abidin, the changes make users think more about whether they really like the post. And why, rather than joining the crowd of “like” beautiful photos thoughtlessly.

Find out Reduction of live view count: How to find out who has unsubscribed on Instagram?

instagram live view count

Today Instagram is a popular social network whose audience is growing at an incredible rate. Most users use it to “spy” on the lives of friends and acquaintances. Thanks to her, you can move anywhere in the world in a second and see what other people publish. Of course, there are those who participate in a kind of “race for subscribers” and try by all means to increase their number. It’s always nice to look at growing instagram live view count, but to see how the number of subscribers is reduced – no. Especially when you don’t know who is “not following you”.

How instagram live view count works?

Instagram is designed so that you do not receive absolutely no data about those who have unsubscribed from you. That is why, if you do not have a phenomenal memory, and you did not copy all your subscribers to a notebook, you can hardly determine who has stopped following your page. Agree, this would be very useful information. After all, it’s one thing if the reason for the reduction in the number of subscribers is the “cleaning” of bots and empty accounts, and quite another when real users unsubscribe from you.

In the second case, it would be very helpful to know this. After all, perhaps the problems are with the content, and you should work on it: change the format of the posts, think about the color combinations of published photos, etc. This is especially true for business accounts, where every sudden change in the number of followers with a minus sign is a very disturbing call.

One way or another, in this situation, you just can not do without third-party services. Just a few clicks – and all the information about unsubscribed users will be in front of your eyes.

Let’s look at the options that are currently available to users of the web version.

Web services for tracking unsubscribed users and instagram live view count

Over the past few months, the list of services available to users for the PC has been greatly reduced. Some services, in principle, stopped working with Instagram, others only ruled out the ability to view unsubscribes. Among them are such popular tools as:


Of the remaining, we managed to find only one service that provides users with the opportunity to see those who have unsubscribed from the account. Moreover, such a service is included in the package price along with 30 other analytical indicators. We are talking about – a service that provides full analytics account instagram.

This service can open up really great opportunities for you. For example, you can choose a specific period and track how the number of your subscribers has changed depending on what content you published.

At the moment, displays information on TOP-10 only. This metric contains an algorithm that tracks unsubscribed accounts with a large number of subscribers.

However, the Instarget team promises to introduce the ability to view an extended list of unsubscriptions.

Other services provide the ability to track only the total number of unsubscribed users per day.

Instagram Tracking Mobile App to analyze instagram live view count

If it’s more convenient for marketers to track all the information about the activities in the account through web services. Then mobile applications are more suitable for personal use. Using them, you can find out information about unsubscribed users in just a few steps.

We present to your attention several options that we tested personally. Here are the new products and already proven applications. To a greater extent, all applications are similar, but some may offer you not only statistics on unsubscribes. But also other equally interesting information.

1. Instafollowers

A simple application with a user-friendly interface, which is not limited solely to the data on the accounts of unsubscribed users. In it you can see the division of subscribers by country, information about reach, a list of bots and much more.

2. LiveDune Pro

With the help of this analytical service, you can find out the ratings of bloggers and detailed statistics on likes, subscriptions, posts. Statistics is updated every 3 days, so you can always see the latest information. For example, in one of the LiveJournal blogs, an account with more than 110,000 subscribers and a huge number of likes was considered. Statistics in LiveDune Pro suggests that more than 70,000 bots were bought in 3 months, while the number of likes increased almost 4 times! Explicitly “wound up” account, which will not be the best option for placing your advertising.

3. Followers Assistant

A very simple application for tracking those who follow you mutually, who unsubscribed. And who did not follow you at all. In fact, these are only basic functions.

4. Follower Insight for Instagram

Thanks to this application, you can easily see who has unsubscribed from your account and unsubscribe from non-reciprocal followers yourself. You are also provided with statistics on the total number of subscribed and unsubscribed users. The only negative: a large amount of advertising in the application.

5. Who has unsubscribed from Instagram

Another application with basic features. With it, you can see non-reciprocal subscriptions or those who have unsubscribed from you.

After installing any application, you just need to specify the login and password from the account. And then all the information will be collected automatically.


As you can see, PC users are not provided with a special choice of services that track information about people. who are unsubscribing from their account. On the other hand, after updating Picalytics, perhaps this will not be necessary.

A completely different situation is observed among mobile applications. There are many options here, among which there are “helpers” with advanced functionality. for example, Instafollowers and Follower Insight for Instagram, as well as simpler options. There really is plenty to choose from.

Subscribe to our official communities and stay tuned for announcements. After updating, we will inform you about the release of new functions and see if the situation has changed for PC users.

5 services for viewing live statistics on Instagram

statistics on Instagram

Promotion on Instagram is a serious and time-consuming work requiring constant analysis and adjustments. Of course, after such a statement, the question immediately arises: how to view statistics on Instagram?

Of course, for this you can use the built-in analytics of the business account of this social network. But frankly, there are too few indicators to track. Fortunately, there are third-party services and special mobile applications for Instagram analytics, in which more detailed statistics of the Instagram account are available.

Just in this article we made a selection of 30 external services that will help you carry out a detailed analysis of Instagram and track a large number of metrics for the effective promotion of a business profile.

1. Picalytics

Instagram deep analytics service, which most clearly and clearly reflects all the information about activity in the business profile. It also allows you to find out how effectively your competitor’s account works.

In total, the service provides 35 metrics for analysis, which can be divided into three blocks: audience, involvement, optimization.

We will not list all the functions of the service – it is too long. We focus only on 5 main ones.

The ratio of real users to the number of bots in the profile.

This feature allows you to check your Instagram account for bots: see the exact picture of the ratio of the number of real people to “dummies”. By the way, the function is useful not only for analyzing your business profile, but also for assessing the quality level of the audience profile of bloggers from whom you plan to buy advertising.

The number of followers  acquired and lost. In total, the metric analyzes statistics on Instagram like followers .

It shows not only the number of followers , but also lost followers , which is also very important information for analysis. After all, unsubscribed followers on Instagram also tell us a lot. For example, based on these data, one can say about the level of interaction of the profile with its audience and the quality of its content.

Hashtag engagement graph.

Hashtags on Instagram is an important element in the promotion of your account. But unfortunately, not all hashtags bring the desired performance, and some, in principle, do not bring any. This function also allows you to analyze hashtags for their effectiveness and return. At the same time, their statistics are produced for the entire existence of the account.

Top photos by the number of likes.

The value of this indicator is also important. After analyzing this information, you can determine the best Instagram photos of your account and based on them create content that will increase the activity in it.

The best time to publish:

every day and every hour. Tracking this metric allows you to determine the best time for posts on Instagram in order to get maximum engagement from followers .

Summing up the service,

we can say that it is suitable for both large brands and small companies and bloggers. The tool offers a wide range of functions and indicators, the tracking of which helps to maximize the activity in the account and increase the effectiveness of its promotion in general. Another significant advantage of the service is the ability to upload analytics in a pdf file.

By the way, for a more detailed acquaintance with the product and to evaluate all its advantages, we recommend using a free trial period of the service.

2. for analyzing statistics on Instagram

An analytics tool that provides a detailed analysis of the Instagram profile. This service also provides a large number of functions with which you can track the results of maintaining a business account.

The main ones are:

  • Account audience growth statistics
  • statistics of user profile involvement (by likes and comments);
  • Account audience distribution by country, city and gender;
  • graph of user activity by day of the week and time of day;
  • Hashtag and engagement statistics.

The service also allows you to analyze multiple accounts at the same time. This feature will be very useful for those who buy a lot of advertising posts and pre-conducts an analysis of advertising sites and accounts.

In total, the service provides in-depth analytics of a business account. However, for permanent use, small businesses are not recommended. It’s all about high rates: from $ 20 for 5 thousand followers  per month. However, you can take advantage of the free trial period, which lasts 14 days.

3. Iconosquare for analyzing statistics on Instagram

This site also provides an extensive set of functions for collecting Instagram account statistics.

And more specifically, it tracks the following:

  • the number of unsubscribing and subscribing users;
  • statistics of likes and comments on publications;
  • Best Instagram account posts
  • follower engagement rate;
  • The best time to post on Instagram based on user activity
  • The most effective account hashtags.

In general, this service provides statistics on instagram that help you choose the best time for publications and correctly plan your content.

4. Ink361 for analyzing statistics on Instagram

This service was primarily created to view the profile from a computer, in order to simplify the process of interacting with the audience of the account and make life easier for Internet marketers. Nevertheless, some analytics is available here.

So, what information does:

  • a history of post growth;
  • a schedule for publishing content (when we post, and not when the audience is active);
  • statistics of likes and comments on publications;
  • top photos;
  • Hashtags used in the profile and their coincidence with popular ones.

There are also metrics and graphs on the use of filters in photographs, but this information, in our opinion, is useless.

5. Appaction for analyzing statistics on Instagram

A web service that helps you track the activity and popularity of your Instagram account. But there are some inconveniences. For example, statistics are sent to an e-mail at a specific time, instead of showing it online.

As a result, the following information arrives in the mail:

  • potential audience reach;
  • follower engagement;
  • The total number of published photos and videos in the account.
  • The service itself has a test period of 14 days, and a monthly subscription costs about $ 5.

Instagram statistics: how to see live follower count and what else you can find out

Instagram Live Follower Count

It is impossible to work effectively without analyzing the result. We figure out how to see live follower count, how to track statistics on Instagram, what indicators you can find out, how to track account growth,how to compare multiple accounts and get detailed information about competitors’ pages.

How Instagram statistics can be useful

We can find out about the Instagram account: the number of subscribers, the number of likes, the number of comments, the number of video views, profile reach, profile views, story views.

Based on these figures, calculate other indicators: account growth rate, average number of likes and comments, ER (engagement rate). For these indicators, you can compare different accounts. This is useful when you buy ads from a blogger. Or want to evaluate what type of content users like more: such posts will have higher ER, that is, more likes and comments. This knowledge is useful for developing a content strategy: you will make materials that are similar to those that your subscribers already liked, and they are more likely to gain a lot of likes.

Tracking statistics allows you to evaluate the correctness of your actions. For example, you sell bags. Previously, you published photos of bags in the showroom. Pictures were taken by a professional photographer. He exposed the light and processed frames for a long time. But you doubt that people are interested in looking at photographs of bags on a white background. And you decide to post more frames where girls walk with your bag along the street, sit in a cafe – that is, show how your product looks in real life. This idea seems good to you, but the photographer does not agree. Analysis of statistics will solve the dispute: during the week you publish photos of girls with bags. And evaluate the results of this week and the previous.

Analysis on Instagram will help evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Or the work of a new specialist, if you delegate the setting of advertising and work with bloggers.

View Instagram live follower count on stats

There are two convenient ways to see account statistics:

  • Statistics from Instagram (your accounts);
  • Using the service of analysis of pages on social networks (one’s and another’s accounts).

You can see Instagram account statistics inside the social network itself. The function is available for users who have connected a business account. Everyone can do it.

To connect a business account (and the ability to view page statistics on Instagram), go to Options. In the menu, find the “Account” section, the item “Switch to company profile”. Follow the instructions of Facebook: create a business page on a social network (you can leave it blank) and fill in the contact details.

Account statistics will be available for publications made after connecting a business account. If you turn off your business account and then turn it back on, all data will be lost.

What else does Instagram statistics show?

You can see the statistics of each post in the “Statistics” section. The “View statistics” is located between the photo and the text, only the account owner sees it.

Please note: in the promoted publications Instagram summarizes the coverage, the amount of comments and likes, collected both organically and using paid promotion. In statistics, you will see two sections: “Promotion” and “Organic”.

For a detailed analysis, use the Instagram insights tool. To go to this section, click on the statistics icon in the upper right corner of the profile.

Connecting Instagram statistics for your page

Instagram shows the following metrics:

  • Impressions: number of non-unique views of all your posts in the total for the week.
  • Reach: number of unique profile views.
  • Profile Views: number of non-unique profile views.
  • Clicks on the link to the site: clicks on the link specified in the profile.
  • Clicks on “Send Email”: transitions through the “Contact” button.

The “Publications” section contains data on all publications made from connecting a business account. Posts can be sorted by format (video, photo, gallery), time period (from week, month, year, two years) and indicators:

Impressions – non-unique post views;

Reach – unique post views, 1 account gives 1 view;

Engagement – the total number of actions with the post (likes and comments);

Liked – the number of likes;

Comments – the number of comments;

Saves – the number of times your post has been saved.

These data make it possible to understand which publications turned out to be the most discussed, popular, and kept during the reporting period.

Instagram Story Statistics

Although the stories are deleted after 24 hours, in the statistics the data is stored for 14 days.

You can sort stories by impressions, reach, “forward” and “back” touches, exits from stories and answers to them.

Live broadcasts

You can evaluate broadcasts by two indicators:

  • Viewers at a particular point in time: the presenter and all viewers see the audience counter in the upper right corner of the broadcast. It shows how many people are watching the broadcast right now.
  • Spectators: this data becomes available after the broadcast is completed, only the author sees it. Shows how many accounts have visited your stream.

Subscribers Activity and Demographics

The next block of Instagram statistics is data on the field, age and geography of users, as well as activity of subscribers during the week and time of day.

Instagram live followers count: demographics analysis

Information about subscribers is visible only for accounts where the Instagram live followers count is more than 100.

Activity data shows when your audience opens Instagram. At this time, it is best to publish posts: more people will see them. Instagram feed generation algorithms take into account how involved the publication was in the first minutes after publication. If your post is noticed immediately and likes it, it will get more coverage.

The data that Instagram gives is not enough for generating reports. For example, you cannot see the growth dynamics of your account. And to make a detailed report, you have to manually transfer the numbers to the table.

You can only view statistics from your account, so internal Instagram statistics will not allow you to analyze competitors. For a detailed analysis of statistics, uploading a report, analyzing instagram live follower count and obtaining competitor data, use Popsters.

What Popsters can do to analyze Instagram live follower count

The service analyzes any account. You can upload your company or competitor’s account.

Popsters determines the most successful posts for the specified period: by the number of likes, comments, ER.

You can find the most talked about publications: under them will be the most comments. It often turns out that these are posts with contests. Hint: using this tool, you can spy on competitors with competition mechanics or ways to increase engagement in your account. And also find interesting topics for content that is likely to resonate with your audience.

What Instagram account statistics does Popsters collect?

  • Activity by day of the week, time of day.
  • Relative activity in terms of text volume and days of the week or time of day.
  • Activity depending on the type of content: shows which format attracts users, photos or videos more.
  • Creates graphs of likes, comments, subscribers, ER.
  • The number of publications of content of different types.
  • ER depending on the type of content and the length of the text in the posts.
  • Text abstracting: the service finds posts that аre most often used in the account, as well as ER posts containing a specific word.
  • You can also unload all posts for the period in question.

How to use Popsters to analyze Instagram live follower count

Log in to the service through Instagram. Type in the name or address of your account in the search bar, click “Find.” Determine the time period whose profile statistics you are interested in.

To compare two accounts, after selecting the first one, click “+” and add the desired page.

Instagram account statistics in graphs and metrics

Graph “Words”

  • Shows the number of posts containing a specific word in the text.
  • Word analysis on Instagram account

Chart “Time of day”

  • Reflects the success of a publication made at a specific time in relation to posts made for the entire period under review, in%.

Instagram Profile Activity by Clock

Likes chart

  • Shows the number of likes received by the account on certain days of the period in question.

Instagram Like Statistics

  • Er and content type
  • Hashtags, Er and Activity

What affects Instagram live follower count on stats?

 The effectiveness of work on Instagram depends on many things: the quality of the content, the themes of your account, content management.

Quality content

Instagram is a visual social network. Post good, interesting shots with the product. Non-unique images here do not interest the audience; spend resources on creating your own content: photos, videos, gifs, infographics or illustrations.

Work with the audience

Instagram algorithms seriously affect the effectiveness of promotion on this social network. Therefore, work with criteria that affect the issuance algorithms. One of them is involvement. Ask the audience questions, encourage discussion of materials. Conduct contests more often and experiment with mechanics: the last comment, a friend’s tag, an account’s tag in user stories have different effects.

Job analysis

An effective analysis of the work is carried out regularly, and not when problems occur. Constantly analyze indicators on Instagram. And you will adjust the content strategy in time. Based on statistics, you can understand what topics are interesting for your audience, what time is better to post materials, which format is preferable, how long should be the signature.

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