Instagram Statistics 2020: How to connect and see basic metrics

Instagram statistics

Statistics on Instagram is an indispensable thing if you plan to use your profile to develop a personal brand or business and generate income. In this matter, it is very important to constantly monitor the effectiveness of your work and the statistics of visits is the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of actions.

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  • How to connect statistics on Instagram

Any Instagram account contains a lot of useful information about itself. Based on the data you can determine the level of interest, identify the preferences of your audience, you will understand when and what content is best to post. This plays an important role in building an effective content strategy.

With the help of analytics, you can also learn more about your subscribers: age range, gender, geography and hours of most activity. All this will help bring interaction with readers and advertising efficiency to a new level.

You can learn account statistics in two ways: use the built-in functionality of a social network, or use third-party audit applications.

Previously, you could only track statistics in instances in the second way, since the platform’s internal functionality was completely devoid of any tools for tracking data. And at the moment, the built-in traffic analytics tools are not available to everyone.

Instagram statistics refers to features for business. The ability to connect it will appear after you convert your profile to a business account.

Instructions on how to connect a business account on Instagram:
  • Log in to your profile.
  • Open an additional menu by clicking on the stripes icon.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Next, touch the “Account” section.
  • Convert profile to business account.
  • Add a category and company contact details.
  • To finish, tap the Finish button.

The instructions are the same for applications on Android and iOS, as well as for desktop versions. After completing these steps, any views will be automatically collected and recorded in the account statistics.

When transferring a profile to a business account, it is also recommended that you link it to a Facebook page that reflects your activities. Thus, you can get more tools for the business.

How to view statistics on Instagram

After transferring to a business account in the main menu, you will see a new section “Statistics”. Only the account owner can view it at any convenient time. To do this:

  • Go to account.
  • Use the icon with three bars to go to the main menu.
  • Select the “Statistics” item in it.
  • Instagram statistics
  • Further, at will, you can choose specific publications for which you want to receive a report or other metrics.

Please note that Instagram will begin to keep track of account statistics only from the moment of transfer to the business profile. Consequently, posts posted up to this point will not be counted.

Instagram account statistics

The statistics section contains several subsections that reflect the ordered information about your profile:

  • in the “Actions” tab, you can track user interactions, reach and number of visits, likes and comments;
  • in the “Content” section, analytics is displayed that relates to viewing publications, stories and promotions;
  • The “Audience” section will display data about your visitors, their age and geolocation.

You can sort the available data by time, choosing the intervals for accounting for a week, month, year or several years.

Photo and video statistics

Also with standard options, you get the opportunity to see the save on Instagram, the number of views and likes under each publication. This is an extremely useful feature, which helps you keep track of what content your readers like most, which attracts more attention, likes and comments.

To track this data:

  • Simply open the desired post with a photo or video.
  • Find the link “View statistics” under it.
  • View Instagram Statistics

Already at this stage, you will see the publication statistics, and if you swipe up even further, you can find out more useful information.

Instagram reach

Reaching audience views from subscribers should be at the level of 30-60%. If less, then among your subscribers there are many bots that do not view the feed. More can be only if you ordered advertising promotion and mass following, the post has fixed in the recommended ones and they are actively shared.

Please also note that the larger your account, the lower the percentage of subscribers and views under publications. The best audience reach for accounts with less than a thousand followers. Owners of others should understand that old subscribers abandon their profiles or lose interest.

Please also note that it is not possible to find out who saved the photo with the standard functions of the social network.

Story view statistics

Instagram functionality allows you to track not only the profile statistics and posts, but also posted stories. Stories are stored only for 24 hours, but data on them is available for the last 14 days. You can sort story analytics by date, audience reach, number of impressions and responses.

The data obtained is especially important when ordering advertising. With their help, you can develop a content plan and determine which stories and at what time of the day get the most views.

Live Data

The latest trend of social networks is live broadcasts. To assess the effectiveness of live broadcast, during its implementation it is worth paying attention to several important indicators:

  • number of current users connected to the view;
  • total number of air visitors;
  • Evaluate the interest of users in the proposed content, compare the airtime chronology with the number of views at that moment.

Using the built-in options of the social network, collecting statistics on live broadcasts will not work. The only thing that remains is to closely monitor user activity during the broadcast and draw conclusions.

Subscribers Information

Using the statistics, you can find out basic information about your subscribers. This will help form a portrait of a potential consumer. You will understand who and at what time is most interested in the promoted content.

Information about subscribers is collected only for accounts with more than 100 readers. The information in this section is reflected in the form of charts and graphs, with which you can determine the category of users who are most interested in your account and publications.

With this data, you can edit the schedule and content of publications according to the preferences of your audience. The information received will also be extremely important for the selection of the target audience when ordering advertising.

Decoding statistics metrics

The built-in analytics service Instagram Insights, in addition to the ability to see likes, has many other metrics that allow you to track the effectiveness of a marketing campaign in promoting your account and products. Using the obtained data, you will be able to adapt your publication policy according to user preferences, understand what content they are most interested in and in what time range users have free time to view the feed.

Using statistics is simple, but only on condition that you are well versed in what information these or those numbers display. Before proceeding with the analysis of Instagram audiences, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full list of basic metrics.

Instagram statistics for the profile:

  • Number of subscribers – how many users subscribed to your account, wanting to constantly monitor publications.
  • Impressions: The browsing history of all your posts.
  • Reach: Unique users viewing your posts.
  • Profile Views: The number of clicks to the account home page.
  • Click through: The number of click through in the profile description or posts.
  • Clicks to calls and e-mail: the number of clicks on the specified links for communication.
  • Posts: Number of all posts posted.
  • Mentions: the number of times a link to your profile has appeared in other publications.
  • Branded / branded hashtags: the total number of all posts on the social network where branded hashtags are indicated.

Audience Analysts:

  • Gender: A graph showing the percentage of men and women signed up for an account.
  • Age: Separation of subscribers by age category.
  • Geography: five countries and cities in which the largest number of followers live.
  • Activity: The time when subscribers are most active.

Publication Statistics:

  • Likes: The number of endorsements from users.
  • Save: here you can see who saved the photo on instagram and how many times.
  • Profile visit: how many times users have come to your account from this post.
  • Reach: how many unique users the post saw.
  • Impressions: how many times the publication has been viewed. One user can view the recording several times, so this feature is always larger than the previous one.
  • From the main: views in the tape.
  • From profile: views made from the transition to the account.
  • Frоm hashtags: The number of click through to the post from hashtags.
  • From another: all other traffic sources to the post.

Story Analytics:

  • Impressions: The total number of impressions to users.
  • Reach: the number of unique users who are not among the subscribers who viewed the stories.
  • Exits: The number of users who have closed your stories.
  • Responses: The number of responses from users to your publication.

Live streaming data:

  • Number of viewers at a time: the number of users who are currently watching the broadcast.
  • Spectators: The total number of all visitors who have seen your broadcast for at least a few seconds.

To make the right decisions, you should definitely rely on all the above statistics. Among them, you cannot choose the necessary or unnecessary, since only comprehensive information about the account will allow you to draw up the right strategic plan for development. At the same time, do not forget that your subscribers are living people, not dry facts.

InstaLiveCount Instagram Followers Statistics

Basic Instagram statistics contain a lot of useful information, but this is not always enough for professional advancement. Additional services come to the rescue in such cases, which are able to automatically collect analytical data from the account.


InstaLiveCount follower statistics has advanced functionality. Firstly, you can get the results of changes in your accounts within an hour, since the service regularly updates all the data. Secondly, you can work with several accounts at once.

Statistics from InstaLiveCount is located on two pages. At the first, you can find out general information, such as the number of posts and subscribers for all accounts. The data on the page is updated every 24 hours.

Insert image here

The second page provides more detailed information for each of the accounts:
  • detailed analytical reports for the selected period of time;
  • subscribers growth charts;
  • The effectiveness of each source used in promoting.

Statistics by sources will help you understand which of the posts brought you the most likes, comments and subscriptions. In this graph, you will also see data on the total number of user actions and the conversion rate, showing how many users have become your readers after viewing a specific source.

  • Audience Growth and Audience Quality in Blogger Verification Services
  • You can check your account in the blogger verification services.

Typically, these services give a graph of subscribers growth:

Therefore, you can:

  • View statistics for a long period.
  • Track the results of your activities (such as sweepstakes or ads)
  • If you are a blogger – give screenshots with links to the service to potential advertisers.

In addition, you can track many indicators, such as:

  • Your audience’s interests
  • type of audience (you can see how many opinion leaders, mass followers, bots or commercial accounts are subscribed to you);
  • which posts are better for the audience;
  • And much more.

Hоw to work with Instagram statistics

You should not make hasty conclusions immediately after connecting the Instagram statistics. To build a promotion plan, it is recommended to use the data collected at least within a month, and the most reliable information will appear in a year from you.

Compare user activity on weekdays and weekends. You will be surprised, but even non-obvious factors such as sunny or rainy weather influence user activity.

Of course, for many of us, the smartphone has become an extension of the hand and we are flipping through the tape wherever we are, but nevertheless in the summer and spring there is always a decline in activity, and in the fall and winter there is an increase. This is due to the fact that in good weather, many still prefer to relax in the fresh air, sunbathe in the sun and so on.

Therefore, do not rush to drop everything if you notice that coverage has fallen sharply with the beginning of summer.

Using data on the hours of the most activity, you can correctly choose the time for publications. As a rule, the greatest activity occurs in the evening, from about 18 to 20. At this time, it is better to leave the most important posts. Please note that this indicator is also closely related to the target audience of your users. For example, for a children’s clothing store, the best time to publish may be morning.

How to improve your statistics

Page statistics provide comprehensive information about its relevance to users. It somehow reflects any change. Some are harmful, others increase activity. There are several solutions that are guaranteed to help improve your performance:

Find the best time to post. Instagram, like Facebook, uses an algo-metric ribbon to show publications, but posting time still plays an important role. A well-chosen publication time can increase the engagement of your subscribers and may cause the algorithm to begin to promote your post more actively.

Chat with your readers. Create polls, contests, respond to comments and call them to action. This simple way can significantly increase the number of likes and comments.

Tell stories. Stories are ranked almost the same as posts, but they occupy a more advantageous position over the news feed.

Post less. Remember the main rule – one good post is better than 20 mediocre ones. Work on quality, not quantity.

Post custom content. And Brian Peters, a Buffer marketer, managed to increase the number of subscribers for the company by 500%. His secret is the placement of subscribers’ creativity.

Please note that, the Instagram algorithms that form the news feed are very sensitive to who the user interacts with and how. To effectively promote your profile, you now definitely need to build relationships with subscribers.